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Non Profit Preschool


The Kerrisdale Little Owls Preschool is a non-profit,  preschool. 

As a parent at the Little Owl’s Preschool, your involvement level is minimal.   Approximately 1 meeting a year , one parent will take on the roll as president.

A parent handbook is available via email.

As a minimum, parents are required to do the following:​ ​​​

    1. Provide a lunch and water bottle for your own child.

    2. Pick up your child on time.


If your child is 3 or 4, they are automatically eligible for registration at any time. If your child is 2, potty-trained, and turns 3 before December 31, they are able to begin in September. If your child is 2, potty-trained and turns 3 before June 30, they are eligible to begin in January.



Kerrisdale Little Owls operates one program which runs Monday - Friday, 4 hours a day.  The last Friday of the month is closed.   


Morning Classes (September 2022-June 2023):

Monday - Friday from 8:45-12:45 (4 hour program)

$585/Month .

Registration (September 2023-June 2024):

Monday to Friday 8:45-12:45 (4 hour program)


Child-care subsidies are available. 

Contact Us...

Kerrisdale Little Owls Pre-School


5851 West Boulevard, Room 109

Kerrisdale Community Centre

Vancouver BC

V6M 3W9

To register contact us via email:

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