A Day at Little Owls

"Play is the highest form of research"   Albert Einstein 
The First Hour:

The children are welcomed as they arrive and are given the opportunity to choose activities at the various learning centers.  This self-directed play invites the children to explore, discover and learn independently with a wide variety of activities and materials.  The learning centers include painting, play dough, blocks, puzzles, drawing, water or sand play, dress-up, dramatic areas, books, floor toys and more. A small snack provided by the preschool will be available throughout free play time.

Circle Time:

Following a clean up routine, the children meet on the carpet for Circle Time. A variety of activities are included which reflect the weekly theme such as nature, feelings and the world around us, as well as daily routines featuring topics such as the calendar and weather. The activities include stories, songs, puppetry, poems, music, movement and discussions and many other ideas to facilitate your child's learning journey.

Lunch Time:
Children wash their hands and join their friends for lunch. Children bring their own  (nut free) lunch and water bottle. Please supply them with healthy food choices, such as fruit, vegetables, pasta, rice, sandwiches, cheese crackers, etc. Children can bring mini cupcakes for the whole class to celebrate their birthday.
Story Time:     
The teachers incorporate a five minute closing activity that includes reading a book. 


Outdoor Playtime:

The children have an active, outdoor play at the Kerrisdale Community Centre playground.  In case of bad weather, the teachers ask that children wear the appropriate clothing, rain pants or muddy buddy, rain jacket and rain boots, we are outside rain or shine.